Lament, and other poems

The aimless thought

of a generation


The planet died

under their eyes


And millions suffered

the emptiness of love.


aimlessthought planetdied

A Fearless Life


A fearless life

a life of assurance

of love for another


Giving from depths

of dependability

and grace.


afearless life


A Moment to Glide


A moment to glide

while the wind’s favourable

and the air is free


Like joy, sensation,




A Cascade of Light


A cascade of light

showering through our eyes


We danced

on waterfalls of joy


A happiness to insensible

to be destroyed.






Longing for the touch of love

he sought in the woods

in the heavens, in the hills


Revelation came

as an unexpected presence

who would not stay long


but for that blessed time

show mercy without end.


longing woodsheavenshills FOP